"Does this come in a boot?"

Jan Ivarsson TransEdit jan.ivarsson at TRANSEDIT.ST
Thu Apr 3 18:10:01 UTC 2003

A translator colleague asks me about the following scene from "Love plus one"
Episode #3.06, Original Airdate 11/9/2000

(JACK is showing WILL his new crush, MATTHEW.)

MATTHEW: [TO JACK] Does this shirt come in anything besides cranberry? Because I just don't think it will go with my gooseberry pants. Uh, gandaberry, lingonberry, Halle Berry? [JACK JUST STARES, SPEECHLESS] Ok, thanks. [MATTHEW TURNS AND WALKS AWAY]

JACK: [TO HIMSELF] Me! I'm the fruit that would go with those pants.

WILL: Nice try. Tell me. Does this come in a boot? [WILL HOLDS UP A SWEATER.]

His question: When Will says "Does this come in a boot?", there is a roar of laughter from the audience. Why? What does it mean exactly?

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