Bavarian Cream (1851, 1854, 1856, 1860, 1861)

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The Carolina housewife : or, House and home
Charleston, S.C.: W.R. Babcock, 1851, 212 pgs.
("Bavarian Cream..121")

Author: Otis, Eliza Henderson (Bordman) "Mrs. Harrison Gray Otis," 1796-1873.
Title: The Barclays of Boston. By Mrs. Harrison Gray Otis.
Publication date: 1854.
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   ("...--to lard a partridge, and compound a Bavarian cream--...")

May, 1856
Godey's Lady's Book
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Vol LII page 473
ONE of our lady subscribers some time since asked for a recipe to make << Bavarian cream>> . We have been very kindly furnished it by “a friend,” to whom we return our thanks, and will be pleased to receive from her other recipes from her “twenty years' actual experience.”

RECIPE FOR << BAVARIAN CREAM>> . Mix one pint of thick cream with the juice of a large lemon and a glass of white wine; put the peel of the lemon in whole, with a sufficient quantity of loaf sugar to sweeten it; beat them well together with a whisk; put a piece of clean muslin over the mould, and pour the cream in; let it drain till the following day, then turn it out carefully. There are earthenware moulds on purpose, with small holes to let out the whey.

April, 1861
Godey's Lady's Book
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Vol LXII Page 345
I hope Thomas won't tell about my asking him how to seat my company at dinner, and how to dish out the Dariolas with Ratafias and the << Bavarian Cream>> .

De Treville, Mary Darby, fl. 1861-1865. "Letter from Mary Darby De Treville, 1860"
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It may seem strange for us to be dancing at such a time, but the boys on furlough would plead so hard for dances, saying "we have no pleasure and we enjoy the dances so much." In January, 1865, we held the last bazaar. I was at the Louisiana Table, presided over by Mrs. Slocum. The Bavarian cream was in great demand; kept me busy helping the officers and soldiers who were there (not many); one officer with a brand new uniform was a striking figure; when he asked for cream, I looked curiously at him. He said, "What's the matter? Why don't you help me?" I replied, "You don't look as if you had

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De Treville, Mary Darby, fl. 1861-1865, Letter from Mary Darby De Treville, 1860, in South Carolina Women in the Confederacy, vol. 2. Conner, Mrs. James. Columbia, SC: State Company, 1907, pp. 244. [Bibliographic Details] [1860] S2064-D002

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