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Tue Apr 8 00:21:59 UTC 2003

    The Comments on Etymology issue which I gave to the Newberry
Library has been superseded by Barry's later work. If Barry would
like to prepare a revised treatment--an up-to-date version--I would
be honored to have it appear in the next available issue of Comments
on Etymology. I would then distribute it at my own cost to the
leading historical societies with an interest in Chicago.

    It looks like the Encyclopedia of Chicago History currently under
preparation may be weak in its treatment of "The Windy City." Any
treatment which does not reflect Barry's work is ipso facto not
up-to-date. But that's water under the bridge.  Let's aim for the
next major work which will treat Chicago's history, and Barry's
(likely) definitive article will be the basis of the treatment in
that future book.

Gerald Cohen
Professor of Foreign Languages
(Research specialty: Etymology)
University of Missouri-Rolla

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>Subject:      "Windy City" in forthcoming ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CHICAGO HISTORY
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>    Gerald Cohen wrote the "Big Apple" entry for the ENYCLOPEDIA OF NEW YORK
>CITY (1995), by the New-York Historical Society.  The late Irving Lewis Allen
>wrote the "Gotham" entry.
>    The long-delayed ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CHICAGO HISTORY is a project of both the
>Chicago Historical Society and the Newberry Library.  I gave my "Windy City"
>papers to the CHS seven years ago, and Gerald Cohen had given a COMMENTS ON
>ETYMOLOGY copy to Newberry.  No one contacted me, so I just thought that I'd
>contact them.
>    It looks like they're going to use my older work, without credit.
>  Barry "Neither rain, nor snow--hey, what's up with the snow?" Popik
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>Dear Mr. Popik,
>Thanks for your interest in the Encyclopedia of Chicago History.  We are
>essentially done with the preparation of the A-Z entries for the
>Encyclopedia.  Our entry entitled "Windy City" was assigned and completed
>several years ago, and our editors are satisfied with its contents.
>No one here was aware of your work when the entry was assigned, but had
>that not been the case, you certainly would have been a likely person to
>I believe your work may be the basis for a reference in our entry to an
>early use of the term "Windy City" in 1885. The online discussions that I
>find to your research cite an 1885 _Cleveland Gazette_ headline.  I'm
>almost reluctant to ask if you have since uncovered anything earlier,
>because we are far enough into the end stages of preparation that our
>counterparts at the University of Chicago Press will be ready to give us
>grief for considering modifications. But if you have earlier citations, we
>would of course prefer to include to the best information we can.
>Best wishes in all your researches,
>Douglas Knox
>Managing Editor
>Encyclopedia of Chicago History
>The Newberry Library
>60 West Walton Street
>Chicago, IL 60610
>(312) 255-3642

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