"Mevushal" wine

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   "Mevushal" is not in the revised OED.
   From the NEW YORK SUN, 9 April 2003, "Beyond Manischewitz: From Sauvignon
Blanc to Bordeaux, Kosher Wines forthe Passover Table," pg. 18, col. 2:

   There are two types of kosher wine--_mevushal_, which is pasteurized (and
can be handled by the general public and remain kosher), and non-mevushal.
Traditionally, mevushal wines were boiled for purification.  About 20 years
ago, Peter Stern, a winemaker at Baron Herzog Wine Cellars, developed "flash
pasteurization" at the University (Col. 3--ed.) of California at Davis.

   This is from Google Groups:

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PENMART01 wrote:> >> P Haine <mlh4 at cornell.edu> writes:> >>>My understanding
about kosher wine is that the grapes must be picked by> >>>observant Jews, > >
> This is patently false. > >>>and the wine processed under rabbinical
supervision. > >> This is true. > >Wine that is Kosher for Passover cannot be
handled by non-Jews > Idiot... whaddayou, some fucking card carrying muslim
towelheaded shit> stirrer... drop dead motherfucker!Calm down, calm
down.There are two types of kosher wine--non-mevushal, your basic kosherwine,
and mevushal, fit for the most orthodox wine lover.Non-mevushal wines must be
produced, handled and even served by SabbathObservant Jews in order to be
kosher. Mevushal wines go through an additional step, flash pasteurization,
in which the wines are subjectedto heat during the winemaking process but are
not boiled, contrary to popular belief. This process originated from ancient
times when wine wasonce used by pagans for idolatrous worship. By
pasteurizing the wines,they were considered unfit for pagan worship and
should satisfy the mostorthodox Jew. As a result, mevushal wines may be
handled by non-Jews andremain kosher. The back label should indicate whether
the wine is mevushal or not and that it is certified "Kosher for Passover."

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