Clam Knife (1889); Electric Toaster (1909,1910,1912)

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   Not in OED.  Coney Island was more famous for its clams than its hot dogs, but surprisingly, "clam knife" is not in the BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE.

 Current Literature (1888-1912), New York; Dec 1889; Vol. Vol. III,, Iss. 0
  The Cautious Calm; --New York Evening Sun ; pg. 490, 2 pgs.
Pg. 491: "There is probably no article of Nature's food products so little understood as the clam," continued the philosopher, as he deftly inserted a clam knife between the bony lips of a Little neck and laid one of the shells with its palpitating contents.


   OED has 1913 for "electric toaster" and "toaster."  Those cites are now toast.

McClure's Magazine (1893-1926), New York; May 1912; Vol. VOL. XXXIX, Iss. 0
  Advertisement 158 -- No Title; pg. 0_095, 1 pgs
("_Western Electric_...Electric Toasters...Electric Chafing Dishes.")

McClure's Magazine (1893-1926), New York; Jan 1, 1909, Iss. 0
  Advertisement 580 -- No Title; pg. 0_203, 1 pgs
("EVENINGS when you entertain you will enjoy serving your guests from an electric chafing dish.  Cooking the rare-bit without fire is a novelty in itself and you can remove the dish and use the stove for an electric toaster also. ... Simplex Electric Heating Co., Cambridge, Mass.")

   Display Ad 10 -- No Title; New York Times (1857-Current file), New York, N.Y.; Feb 22, 1910; pg. 6, 1 pgs
("The Electric Toaster gives you the right kind--always. ... The New York Edison Company."

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