Leo Rosten died (in 1997)

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Fri Apr 11 23:18:09 UTC 2003

Mark A Mandel wrote:
> On Fri, 11 Apr 2003 Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:
> #  HUH??  From the archives at nytimes.com:
> #
> #
> #Magazine Desk | January 4, 1998, Sunday
> #The Lives They Lived: Leo Rosten; Talking Tachlis
> #
> #By Wendy Wasserstein (NYT) 574 words
>         [...]
> #our social selves. In our house, Yiddish was the language of the old country,
> #specifically Poland, and therefore the one that the ''kinder'' didn't
> #understand. My brother Bruce and I sought to decode secret transmissions by
> #signing him up for high-school German.
> My grandparents used it the same way.
> I read it as meaning that her brother signed up to study German in h.s.
> as a way for to understand their parents' Yiddish, and tell his sister
> too. Presumably (almost certainly) their h.s. didn't offer Yiddish.
> Just because that's what they were trying to do doesn't mean they
> succeeded at it.

I think Barry's HUH?? was referring to the "Leo Rosten died" obit
he was responding to, not to Wendy Wasserstein's piece, written
in 1997.

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