Rabbit Food (1921, 1925)

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Sat Apr 12 05:19:24 UTC 2003

   In the last post, I meant to say that the revised OED has _1918_ for "Monterey cheese."
   This is a little better for "rabbit food."

  AS A MAN "EATS," SO IS HE; New and Radical Discoveries in Food Values. Most People Are Overfed, Yet Starving. Wrong Feeding Is Cause of Most Diseases -- Eat Correctly and Become Well and Efficient.; By PHILANDER D. POSTON.; The Washington Post (1877-1954), Washington, D.C.; Feb 15, 1925; pg. E5, 1 pgs
("Until recently, lettuce was looked upon as 'rabbit food'; tomatoes were considered so much water, or a dangerous acid which should be avoided;...")

  TO TRAVEL 9,000 MILES AT 87; Vancouver Man, Who Eats Food Raw, Will Make Trip Alone.; The Washington Post (1877-1954), Washington, D.C.; Jun 26, 1921; pg. 25, 1 pgs
("He has found by past experience that dining car porters are not particularly sympathetic toward passengers who eschew all the costly viands and subsist on what Mr. Sharon terms 'rabbit food.'")

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