Clams Casino (1916); White Pizza (1973); Shot Glass (1934)

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  CITY BULLETINS. j o *"o. 1; The Washington Post (1877-1954), Washington, D.C.; Sep 18, 1916; pg. 10, 1 pgs:
_Harvey's Seafood Platter Today_, 12 to 3, 6 to 8:30, 50c
   Clams Casino, Crab Flakes Newburgh, Fried Oysters, Potato Salad and Slaw.  Other seasonable delicacies.
11th and Pa. ave.

(Sounds pretty good to me for fifty cents.  I'd even tip a dime...This 1916 WASHINGTON POST cite really did the job.  Here's what I'd posted in the archives:
CLAMS CASINO--John Mariani cites Julius Keller's INNS AND OUTS with creating the "clams casino" in 1917. So how come it sounded new to the NEW YORK TIMES in 1943?


  Making a Meal of Delicious Little Morsels; By Edith Vanocur; The Washington Post, Times Herald (1959-1973), Washington, D.C.; Dec 13, 1973; pg. K10, 1 pgs:
  _Per person_
1 pizza bottom, or a half muffin, or Sahara bread split into rounds
Olive oil
Minced onions
Minced Garlic
Caraway seeds


  What's What in the Wine Glass Question; Diners Must Learn to Distinguish Them by Their Size and Shape; The Washington Post (1877-1954), Washington, D.C.; Feb 4, 1934; pg. A12, 1 pgs:

   Whisky glasses remain the small straight little "shot glasses" they always have been.  They may have a deep false bottom, but nothing, of course, so effete as a stem.
   Tom Collins glasses, or glasses for whiskey and soda, are also tall, straight and large.

(GLASS IN PHOTO CAPTION:  Super Highball, Tall Whiskey Shaker, Cut-dot beer goblet, Hollow stem Champagne, Rhine wine, Brandy inhaler, Old fashion toddy glass, White wines, Sauterne, Claret, Sherry, Hollow-stem liqueur, Cocktail, Claret)

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