Ratatouille (1855, 1868, 1870)

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   OED and Merriam-Webster have 1877 for "ratatouille."

Author: Roussel, Napoleon, 1805-1878.
Title: Catholic & protestant nations compared, in their threefold relations to wealth, knowledge, & morality. By Rev. Napoleon Roussell [!] ...with an introd. by the Hon. & Rev. Baptiste Noel...
Publication date: 1855.
Page 13  - 1 term matching "ratatou*"
("It is useless to speak of the odious '_ratatouilles_' that are set before you there.")

Author: Spiers, Alexander, 1807-1869.
Title: Spiers and Surenne's French and English pronouncing dictionary. Newly composed from the French dictionaries of the French academy, Laveaux, Boiste, Bescherelle, Landais, etc., and from the English dictionaries of Johnson, Webster, Worcester, Richardson, etc. ... By A. Spiers ... Carefully rev., cor., and enl., with the pronunciation ... according to the system of Surenne's Pronouncing dictionary ... by G. P. Quackenbos, A. M.
Publication date: 1870.
Page 514  - 1 term matching "ratatou*"
("RATATOUILLE...(stew of meat and vegetables).")

   5 October 1868, BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, pg. 4:
   There was a detachment of French infantry at La Soledad, whose cheerful bugles were summoning the wearers of about two hundred pairs of red trousers to the evening repast, of which "ratatouille," a kind of gipsy stew, forms the staple ingredient.

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