Wine names from 1859-60; Oysters Bienville (1955,1956)

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  One citation I have (maybe it was the OXFORD COMPANION TO WINE--where I didn't see "mevushal," by the way) says that "blush wine" was introduced in 1977.


   For those who can't sleep deciding between Arnaud's and Antoine's oysters.  The former is Oysters Bienville, the latter Oysters Rockefeller.

  1.      Food: New Orleans Oysters; Recipes of Types Made Famous by Antoine's and Arnaud's Preserves Are the Latest Specialty Offered by Trappist Monks 'Trappist Preserves' ; New York Times (1857-Current file), New York, N.Y.; Jan 2, 1956; pg. 18, 1 pgs
(Oysters Bienville recipe is here--ed.)

  2.      Eating; JESSE'S BOOK OF CREOLE AND DEEP SOUTH RECIPES. By Edith Ballard Watts, with John Watts. 184 pp. New York: The Viking Press. $3.50 THE LONGCHAMPS COOKBOOK. By Max Winkler. Illustrations by Robert M. Myers. 110 pp. New York; By CHARLOTTE TURGEON; New York, New York, N.Y.; Feb 13, 1955; pg. 291, 1 pgs
("...Arnaud's Oysters Bienville...")

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