Vinegar Pie (1894); Oyster Shooter (1986)

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   Not in OED. I'll check other databases soon.

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   This seems to have started in New Orleans, but I don't have a New Orleans newspaper online to work from.  I've posted a cite or two before.

  WHAT'S DOING IN Cincinnati; By LYDIA CHAVEZ; New York Times (1857-Current file), New York, N.Y.; Sep 11, 1988; pg. XX10, 1 pgs
(At The Bistro on Vine.  "...oyster shooters (a fresh oyster in  a chilled shot glass filled with pepper-flavored vodka topped with cocktail sauce and a dollop of sour cream).")

  My 50 Favorites; La Brasserie is more a serious restaurant than the cafe it used to be. Each season sees new dishes; The Washington Post (1974-Current file), Washington, D.C.; Sep 20, 1987; pg. 288, 33 pgs
(At the New Orleans Cafe, 1790 Columbia Rd. NW.  "...a shooter (an oyster and cocktail sauce in a shot glass of vodka).")

(DOW JONES news database)
It's a rare Bird that stops Hawks
Ron Hudspeth
Atlanta Journal and Constitution
. . . . Beginning Friday at the Blue Ribbon Grill, owner Ludlow Porch says, "You can have all the shooters you want and still drive home." The new concoction is an Oyster Shooter. "You simply place the oyster in a shooter glass, slap on your favorite Tabasco or cocktail sauce, and gulp it down in one fell swoop," says Ludlow. . . .

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