first American cookbook?

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I look at the excerpt quoted by Rima and wonder - when were nouns no longer
capitalized in English?

Was there a turning point, or was this a gradual occurrence? I note that
some words (like English) are still capitalized, but most others (pastes,
puffs, pies) are not.

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This was in today's (Wed. April 16th) SF Chronicle, in Marion
Cunningham's column:

"The first American cookbook - a thin little volume - was published
in 1796, written by Amelia Simmons, an American orphan.  It was
called 'American Cookery, or the art of dressing Viands, Fish,
Poultry and Vegetables, and the modes of making Pastes, Puffs, Pies,
Tarts, Puddings, Custards and Preserves, and all kinds of Cakes, from
the imperial Plumb to Plain Cake.  Adapted to this country, and all
grades of life."

The title may have been longer than the book...


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