Latin help, please?

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Thu Apr 17 03:48:37 UTC 2003

>Couldn't argue that;  most recent Latin class being a little short of 39
>years ago.

Likewise, but I agree with Tom that "facilis" would be the
appropriate form to modify "nullus", and that in any case "ni(hi)l"
would be better than "nullus" (and would also allow neuter "facile"
as a modifier).  I wouldn't wager my cat on it, though.


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>From: "Thomas M. Paikeday" <t.paikeday at SYMPATICO.CA>
>Isn't there a sort of disagreement between "nullus" and "facile"? "Nihil" or
>"Nil" (as Erin McKean said) may be better.
>T. M. P.
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>From: "Dave Hause" <dwhause at JOBE.NET>
>>  I would render that as "Nullus umquam facile est."
>>  Dave Hause, dwhause at
>>  Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
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>>  From: "Duane Campbell" <dcamp911 at JUNO.COM>
>>  Would someone please be kind enough to provide me with the Latin for
>>  "Nothing is ever easy"?

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