N.Y. Observer: "shyster" is anti-Semitic slur

Peter A. McGraw pmcgraw at LINFIELD.EDU
Thu Apr 17 17:15:12 UTC 2003

Still another spelling: I went to high school with a Francine Schriock,
whose name, like the Shryock cited below, was pronounced "shrock".  Like
Jim Landau, I never associated it with Shylock until this moment.

Peter mc.

--On Thursday, April 17, 2003 12:45 PM -0400 "James A. Landau"
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>> (Shylock is one of numerous
>>  possible variants -  such as Shryrock, Shyrock,
>>  Shylok, Shylox, Shilok, Shillock, Schillach, etc. - on
>>  family names.  When young, I confused Shylock and
>>  Sherlock, thinking them to be the one and same famous
>>  detective.)
> I went to Gideon Shryock Elementary School and never made the connection
> to "Shylock".
> (Gideon Shryock was a 19th-Century Kentucky architect who designed several
> notable public buildings.  One teacher insisted that the Shryock family
> pronounced the name as one syllable, with the "y" silent, but everyone
> else used two syllables /'shreye ahk/.)

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