Bakery (1803)

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   "Bakery."  Clearly, one of the most important words of all time.  OED and Merriam-Webster have about 1820.
   I didn't find it at all in the PENNSYLVANIA GAZETTE (up to 1800) on Accessible Archives.
   There are earlier American Periodical Series "hits," but I found a few "baker's" and couldn't find the "bakery."

 Balance and Columbian Repository (1802-1807), Albany; Sep 20, 1803; Vol. 2, Iss. 38
  111.  Hudson, September 20, 1803. Bonaparte has proposed terms to Louis XVIII. offering him a princely establishment...; Anonymous; pg. 303, 1 pgs
  112.  Latest foreign intelligence. Paris, June 20; Anonymous; pg. 302, 2 pgs
  113.  New-Brunswick, Sept. 1; Anonymous; pg. 303, 1 pgs
  114.  The Knell. At Cambridge, (Massachusetts) 27th August, the Rev. David Tappan...; Anonymous; pg. 303, 1 pgs
  115.  The knot. Married; Anonymous; pg. 303, 1 pgs

Pg. 303:  On the morning of the 9th inst. a fire broke out in the Bakery of a Mr. Frazer, in Cliff Street, New-York, which destroyed ten dwelling-houses.

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