Indian Candy (1982)

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It's a treat to find "Indian candy"--brown-sugar-cured salmon--sharing a plate with salmon jerky and peppery cold-smoked salmon.
--GOURMET magazine, May 2003, pg. 58, col. 1

   I posted "squaw candy," but forgot to add "Indian candy."  Here's the first citation on the Dow Jones database, which is a start:

Bay Street man's move to B.C. was a profitable one
1,345 Words
The Globe and Mail
The barbecued salmon that is sold all over Vancouver is "hot smoked" at much higher temperatures, so the fish actually gets cooked.
While in Vancouver I also first tasted what Ray called "Indian Candy". These are strips of Sockeye salmon that have been cured and hot-smoked twice, resulting in salmon that is sweet, salty, chunky and wonderful. It became a favorite of mine, but I have never seen it here.
ships it collect via air freight (the expensive part) and it should only take a day. All orders must be prepaid. Obviously, the more you buy, the more worthwhile it is to ship, but I would recommend buying at least one side of red spring (10 pounds) and a few strips of Indian Candy.

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