Silverware (1761, 1770, 1772)

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  Again, OED has 1860 and Merriam-Webster 1848 for "silverware."  I don't think these are the "silverware" we all know and love (forks, spoons, knives), but take a look.

March 19, 1761
The Pennsylvania Gazette

Cheltenham Township, Philadelphia County.
WHEREAS the Partnership between Isaac and George Shoemaker is
dissolved, all Persons indebted to them for Goods, are desired
to make speedy Payment; and those that have any Demands
against said Partnership, to bring in their Accounts, that
they may be adjusted. --- The Business will be continued at
said Store as usual, by John and Isaac Shoemaker, where the
Publick may be supplied with the following Goods, at the most
reasonable Rates, viz. West Indian and Philadelphia rum, wine,
melasses, sugars, salt and train oil, tar, linseed oils, sweet
oil, and spirits of turpentine, Godfreycordials, Bateman
drops, saffron, camphire, borax, rosin, brimstone, antimony,
looking glasses, window glass and putty, with most sorts of
colours for painting, and dye stuffs, powder, shot and bar
lead, horse whips, cotton and wool cards, whale bone, hair
brushes, soap and candles, raisins, and most sorts of spices,
tea, coffee, chocolate, ginger, Salem and Rhode Island cheese,
most sorts of kegs, cedar ware, earthen and stone ware, an
assortment of pewter, glass and tin ware, tea kettles and
brass kettles of most sizes, iron stoves, pots, kettles and
skillets, bake plates, cart boxes, frying pans, London steel,
sickles, Dutch and English scythes and whetstones, box and
flat irons, files and rasps of various sorts, brass and iron
wire, coffee mills, fine and coarse grindstones, most sort of
Carpenters, joiners and shoemakers tools, 3,4,6,8,10, 12 and
20d nails, hobs and sprigs, house furniture and coffin
furniture. silver watches and watch furniture, silver, brass
and Pinchbeck buckles, with sundry other << silver ware>> , and a
variety of cutlary, bibles, testaments, histories, school
books and stationary; also a good assortment of dry goods,
such as fine and coarse broadcloths, cotton velvets, breeches
patterns, thicksets, duffils, naps, bearskins, kerseys,
halfthicks, serges, flannels, bed ticking, coverlids and
blankets, silks, calicoes, camblets, jeans, fustians,
barragons, duroys, durants, calimancoes, poplins and shaloons,
checks, sheeting, coarse and fine linens, muslins, cambricks
and lawns, mens and womens hose, gloves and mitts silk, lawn,
gause, cotton and check handkerchief, castor and felt hats,
plat and paper hats, with a variety of other goods, suitable
for the country.

July 5, 1770
The Pennsylvania Gazette

ON Friday, the 13th of July, will be SOLD by public VENDUE, at the City Vendue Store, in Front street, all the JEWELLERY, and << SILVER WARE>> , belonging to GEORGE DOWIG, Jeweller and Goldsmith; consisting of garnet earrings, set in gold, chrystal ditto, set in ditto, cluster ditto, set in silver, gold stone rings of all kinds, gold locket buttons, plain gold ditto, gold lockets, best chrystal buttons, set in silver, a variety of plate and buckles, likewise a silversmithflatting mill, all his jewellery and silversmithtools, a Negroe man, by trade a silversmith, a variety of unset stones, garnets for earrings, ditto for rings, chrystals for ear and finger rings, chrystals for buttons, &c. &c. Also all his houshold and kitchen furniture. The sale to begin at 9 oin the morning.

September 23, 1772
The Pennsylvania Gazette

RICHARD HUMPHREYS, GOLDSMITH, HAVING taken the house in which PHILIP SYNG lately dwelt, hereby informs his friends and the public, that he now carries on the GOLDSMITH Business, in all its branches, at the aforesaid place, a few doors below the Coffeehouse, where he has for sale, a NEAT and GENERAL ASSORTMENT of GOLD and << SILVER WARE>> . Those who will please to favour him with their custom, may be assured of his utmost ability to give satisfaction, both in the quality and workmanship; such favours will be gratefully acknowledged by their friend,

Saturday Evening Post (1821-1830), Philadelphia; Oct 20, 1827; Vol. VOL. VI, Iss. 0
  EPITOME OF NEWS.; pg. 0_002, 1 pgs
("...breaking into a dwelling house and stealing silver ware.")

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