Silverware (1761, 1770, 1772)

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        Here's an antedating of the OED, at least, for silverware in the sense of cutlery.  This is from an 1851 will, quoted in full in a legal opinion:

        >>Know all men by these presents that I John Mitcheltree does hereby convey, sell and grant in trust to Samuel Scott Ewing in trust for my dearly and well beloved wife Jane Mitcheltree, all that house and lot or lots, now occupied by Dr. John Irwin, for her to have and hold for ever; also, one house and lot and small store house known as the Murdock property, and now occupied by him and family, and the store by Wheeler as a tin shop; also, one out lot about one and a one quarter acres of land, also her ten shares in the Mahoning County Bank; and thirty shares more on which there is now paid in on the same fifty per cent, together with whatever may be paid in at the time of my death; also, my best horse and buggy and harness, also all carpets, china and queensware, and silver ware, such as spoons, &c., &c., two beds with plenty of bedding, four tables and two setties and two bureaus, together with a house and lot now owned by a saddler, formerly owned by Armstrong Irwin, for her the said Jane, my well beloved wife, to have and to hold for ever. Given under my hand and seal this 2d July 1851.<<

Clingan v. Mitcheltree, 31 Pa. 25, 7 Casey 25 (Pa. 1856).

John Baker

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  Again, OED has 1860 and Merriam-Webster 1848 for "silverware."  I don't think these are the "silverware" we all know and love (forks, spoons, knives), but take a look.

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