Balloon Bread (1962); Beef Club (1916)

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   DARE has "balloon bread" from 1965.

   PROSECUTION IS DUE ON 'BALLOON BREAD'; Special to The New York Times.; New York Times (1857-Current file), New York, N.Y.; Aug 12, 1962; pg. 19, 1 pgs
("The loaves are a pound in weight but are baked in standard one-and-a-half pound pans.")


   DARE has "beef club" from 1941.

  CHATS WITH VISITORS IN WASHINGTON; The Washington Post (1877-1954), Washington, D.C.; Apr 11, 1918; pg. 6, 1 pgs
("Boys in Texas are forming baby beef clubs, and the future generation will, if the work keeps up, be better informed on profitable methods of cattle growing than were their fathers.")

  Million Boys and Girls in Farm Clubs; War's Impetus to the Movement Is Expected to Result in Permanent Benefit to Agriculture and Betterment of Rural Life; New York Times (1857-Current file), New York, N.Y.; Dec 30, 1917; pg. SM6, 1 pgs
("Our great national crop needs stimulation, and organized club work provides this.  Pig clubs, baby beef clubs, dairy calf clubs, corn, milo maize, cotton, peanut, wheat, raotation, potato, poultry clubs, canning, sewing, bread-making clubs...")

  Illinois Central; Wall Street Journal (1889-Current file), New York, N.Y.; Sep 8, 1916; pg. 3, 1 pgs
("The company also distributed 69 prize bulls to boys' and girls' beef clubs.")

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