Hawaii Five-O (1985); Aloha Berry (1997); Triple Berry (1986)

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   This American dish doesn't pre-date the tv show, of course.  It's with lobster, shrimp, pork, chicken, and beef as the big five ingredients, or whatever the restaurant chooses as its five.

(DOW JONES newspapers database)
By Mark Howat, Restaurant Reviewer
The Record, Northern New Jersey
The television series "Hawaii Five-0" evidently inspired every Polynesian restaurant to come up with a dish meant to capitalize on and to have the dramatic appeal of the TV show. And so we have (at $10.95) Hawaiian 4-0, a curious name for an entree that has five ingredients: slices of duck, roast pork, shrimp, chicken, and crab meat. Again, the pork and chicken in this menu dinner were tender and juicy. The duck was dry and overcooked, the shrimp and crab meat tough and overcooked. The Oriental vegetables that accompanied this dish were mostly onions, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, and ordinary mushrooms, not the dried black Chinese mushrooms that are so flavorful and delicious (and expensive).

The Hawaiian 2-0 ($11.50) offers an excellent filet mignon and, again, the tough, overcooked lobster pieces. Dining here seems to be a matter of luck. Some meats are carefully cooked and others are allowed to overcook. This is unfortunate in such otherwise happy surroundings. The restaurant draws a large crowd, even on week nights. Often there will be tables of young people, celebrating a birthday or otherwise enjoying themselves as a group.

Dynasty has good Chinese choices for informed diner
Jeremy Iggers; Staff Writer
Star-Tribune Newspaper of the Twin Cities Mpls.-St. Paul
I suppose anyone who orders a dish called Hawaii Five-O ($11.95) deserves whatever he gets, but I couldn't resist the temptation to try a dish from the Polynesian menu. I expected pineapple and little paper umbrellas. What I got was a sautee of lobster, scallops, beef and pork with assorted vegetables in a brown gravy. If the lobster and scallops had been tastier, the dish might have been satisfying, but both were flavorless.

By Mark Howat, Record Restaurant Critic
The Record, Northern New Jersey
In a dish like Hawaii Five-O, at $14.95 the most expensive in the restaurant, you would think that you would easily know lobster from chicken, chicken from pork, pork from beef, and so on. But you won't. You will pass food back and forth asking: Is this pork or beef? Is this chicken or pork? You will be able to tell, of course, by the colors: Chicken is white, beef is brown. But the flavors that distinguish these meats is missing. Perhaps they are all cooked in the same sauce, so that they take on the same flavors. But whatever the reason, too much tastes the same.


   I saw "Aloha Berry" as a smoothie flavor at my local Cafe Metro (www.cafemetrony.com).  This seems to rip off Baskin-Robbins:

Business Wire
GLENDALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE FEATURES)--March 27, 1997--
     Baskin-Robbins Becomes Nation's Largest Seller of Smoothie
  The BR Smoothie is available in six tropical flavor combinations:  Tropical
Tango, a refreshing blend of strawberries and bananas; Calypso Berry, an
amazing combination of strawberries and blueberries; Bora Berry Bora, a
tropical blend of pineapple and passion fruit with raspberries and
blueberries; Aloha Berry Banana, a brilliant mixture of pineapple and passion
fruit with strawberries, blueberries and bananas; Copa Banana, a smooth
combination of orange and bananas; and Sunset Orange, an exhilarating ensemble
of orange, raspberries and bananas.
  Additionally, customers have the option to custom order their own BR
Smoothie by selecting one of four fruits:  strawberries, bananas, blueberries
or raspberries, mixed with their choice of pineapple-passion fruit, strawberry
or orange, and blended altogether with non-fat vanilla frozen yogurt.
  The Baskin-Robbins beverage line also includes the ever-popular Cappuccino
Blast, the first coffee beverage to combine ice cream or non-fat, frozen
yogurt with cappuccino; Chocolate Blast, a cool blend of chocolate ice cream,
rich chocolate syrup, milk and ice blended together; Paradise Blast, a cool
refreshing combination of ice cream, strawberry or pina colada mix and ice
blended together; and Frozen Tornado, mixing soft serve ice cream and a
favorite topping (available only at stores that sell soft serve).


   "Triple Berry" is also a Cafe Metro smoothie flavor.  There are over 40,000 Google hits for popular "triple berry," but the databases seem to have it only to 1986(?):

(DOW JONES newspapers)
Ann Burckhardt
Most new products are palate pleasers
Ann Burckhardt; Staff Writer
Star-Tribune Newspaper of the Twin Cities Mpls.-St. Paul

Before the pile of empty convenience food packages on my shelf topples over, I'll report reactions to their contents.
Tofulicious is Minneapolis' answer to the popularity of tofu-based frozen desserts such as Tofutti. Last fall Eastern Foods Corp., 3235 E. Hennepin Av., introduced five flavors of this low-calorie alternative to ice cream.

We tasted all five here in the newsroom. Triple Berry Delight and Dutch Chocolate Almond tied for best-liked - their containers emptied almost immediately. Vanilla Almond Supreme placed second and Pina Colada Royale, third. A little of the Creamy Peanut Butter was left after the feast, but it, too, had its partisans.

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