Dish Cloth(1827); Dish Mop(1860); Dish Pan(1852); Dish Towel(1850)

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   A lot of good dish.


   OED has 1828 for "dish cloth."

Saturday Evening Post (1821-1830), Philadelphia; Dec 8, 1827; Vol. VOL. VI, Iss. 0
  THE DISCARDED LOVER.; pg. 0_001, 1 pgs
("...she would pin the dish cloth to his tail, set tubs of dirty water in his way, and cause him to tumble into them,...")


   OED has "dish mop" from the 1897 SEARS CATALOGUE.

Author: Dall, Caroline Wells Healey, 1822-1912.
Title: "Woman's right to labor," or, Low wages and hard work : in three lectures, delivered in Boston, November, 1859 / by Caroline H. Dall.
Publication date: 1860.
Page 141  - 2 terms matching "dish mop*"
("I looked through Boston in vain, the other day, to find a common dish-mop large enough to serve my purpose.")

August, 1866
Godey's Lady's Book
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Vol LXXII Page 145
The chancing had, of course, various results; but I may here mention that Mrs. Daffodil drew three hoods, two Afghans, a hearth-rug, a smoking-cap, a baby's cap, a canary bird, a << dish-mop>> , a coal-skuttle, a poodle dog, two white mice, a fernery, a globe of goldfish, three sets of mock jewelry, a Webster's dictionary, and the fire safe.


   OED has 1872 for "dish pan."

   9 April 1852, BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, pg. 3:
1 Dish pan.

May, 1854
Godey's Lady's Book
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Vol XLVIII Page 478
2 Tin Bake-Pans.1 Fry Pan.
1 Tin Dripping Pan.1 Cullender.
1 Tin Saucepan. 1 Coffee Boiler.
1 Small Tin Kettle.1 Tea Pot.
1 Pepper and Flour Dredge.1 Grater.
3 Tin Pie Plates. 1 Tin Dipper.
1 Tin Wash-Basin.1 Egg-Whip.
1 << Dish Pan1>>  Basting-Spoon.
3 Table and Tea-Spoons, Iron.1 Skimmer.
1 Chop-Knife and Bowl


   OED has 1869 for "dish towel."

Author: Beecher, Catharine E. (Catharine Esther), 1800-1878.
Title: Miss Beecher's domestic receipt-book: designed as a supplement to her Treatise on domestic economy.
Publication date: 1850.
Page 248  - 1 term matching "dish towel*"
("Be careful to have clean dish towels, and never use them for other pruposes.")
Page 251  - 1 term matching "dish towel*"

March, 1852
Godey's Lady's Book
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Vol XLIV Page 204
Books, table linen, sweetmeat and pickle jars had been put in most unsystematized array on the same shelves; hunted articles "turned up" in the least expected places; pocket handkerchiefs and << dish towels>> , hastily thrust away, were discovered crammed into pillow cases; and wearing apparel emerged from wooden water pails.


   OED has "dish washing machine" in the 1890s.

 Scientific American (1845-1908), New York; Oct 29, 1870; Vol. Vol. XXIII., Iss. 0
  Improved Dish-Washing Machine.; pg. 271, 1 pgs

Scientific American (1845-1908), New York; Dec 2, 1865; Vol. Vol. XIII., Iss. 0
  Article 11 -- No Title; pg. 360, 4 pgs

Scientific American (1845-1908), New York; Mar 19, 1864; Vol. Vol. X., Iss. 0
  Patent Dish-washing Machine.; pg. 192, 1 pgs

Scientific American (1845-1908), New York; Feb 9, 1850; Vol. VOLUME 5., Iss. 0
  Article 7 -- No Title; pg. 164, 1 pgs
("Machinery for Washing Dishes.")

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