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Fri Apr 25 17:45:27 UTC 2003

> >Is there a word, dialectical or otherwise, that describes the
> >phenomenon of having something stuck in your head? Like a
> >never-ending record of, say, Waltzing Matilda?
> >
> >Kathleen E. Miller

"LeMay, William" wrote:
> A minute's googling listed "earworm" as a common term for it.
> <>

"earworm" is in quite common use in the groups I frequent on

Checking Googja, the first instance I can find "earworm" used in
a Usenet post is a post to soc.motss 1993-03-18. The person
writing is explaining "ohrwurm" and translates that German word
as "earworm." From that thread, the usage seems to have taken off
in soc.motss and spread from there to other Usenet groups and the

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