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At a website on jeep history,
it's interesting that the first jeeps were made by more than one company:

<< Early Years

1940: Jeep specification issued and prototypes built by Bantam,
Willys-Overland and later Ford; see the Rifkind report.
1941-1945: Jeep MB, built by Willys- Overland and Ford, Willys 2.2L 4cyl
side-valve engine.
Pictured is a 1942 Jeep MB.

1942: Ford GPA - Amphibious Jeep or Seep.

Civilian Jeeps - CJ

CJ2A: 1945-1949, first civilian Jeep. . . . >> etc

See also the Rifkind Report that this site refers to:

- Allan Metcalf

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