Specialty Sandwich(1949); Signature Sandwich(1976); Multipot(1984)

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   I sent my American Periodical Series query to the ProQuest Historical Newspapers guy.  He's not the right ProQuest guy, but he answered me right away and forwarded my message to someone else at the company.  I should have an answer about APS ONLINE soon.
   I checked at Columbia just now, and its "ProQuest Historical Newspapers" has the NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, and now WASHINGTON POST and CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR. Since NYU doesn't have APS ONLINE or ACCESSIBLE ARCHIVES or LITERATURE ONLINE, Columbia is my library of choice.
   The New York Public Library has added HERITAGE QUEST (from ProQuest/Chadwyck-Healey, for the genealogy buffs).  It has some strange stuff on it, such as Scudder Middleton's WINING AND DINING IN NEW YORK (1938) that I'd looked at. H.Q. has census records. The NYPL can't afford DOW JONES/FACTIVA and has dropped it along with other databases, such as NORTH AMERICAN WOMEN'S LETTERS AND DIARIES.
   There's little reason or pleasure to go to the NYPL anymore.  The databases aren't the best, worse than both university libraries.  All the books are offsite in New Jersey--if they can locate books at all. It's closed on Sunday and Monday, and the remaining hours are crummy, too. I used to resent the constant photo-taking and tour groups passing through, but they can have the NYPL.  I don't need it anymore.


   I ran "specialty sandwich" and "signature sandwich" through the databases.

   Classified Ad 17 -- No Title; New York Times (1857-Current file), New York, N.Y.; Sep 8, 1965; pg. 91, 1 pgs

   Eating-Out Boom Tied to Proprietors' Ingenuity at 'Fixing Up'; Take-Home Meals Styled To Satisfy TV Viewers; By Bernice Stevens Decker Special to The Christian Science Monitor; Christian Science Monitor (1908-Current file), Boston, Mass.; May 3, 1957; pg. 20, 1 pgs

   Display Ad 120 -- No Title; New York Times (1857-Current file), New York, N.Y.; Aug 28, 1949; pg. S7, 1 pgs

   Display Ad 41 -- No Title; New York Times (1857-Current file), New York, N.Y.; Aug 23, 1949; pg. 46, 1 pgs
("BOARDWALK specialty sandwich shoppe...")


 A Quaint Village Doesn't Have to Love a Vacationing President to Feed Him; NEW YORK STATE; By JODI WILGOREN; New York Times (1857-Current file), New York, N.Y.; Aug 22, 1999; pg. 35, 2 pgs

 Manhattan has joined the national trend, and competition has raised rents.; Commercial Property/Coffee Bars; By CLAUDIA H. DEUTSCH; New York Times (1857-Current file), New York, N.Y.; Nov 6, 1994; pg. R1, 2 pgs

 Using Blimpie As a Base; Thinking Big: Using Blimpie As a Base; By William Rice; The Washington Post (1974-Current file), Washington, D.C.; Aug 5, 1976; pg. F1, 2 pgs
("The American Cafe, the signature sandwich, is roast beef served on a fresh croissant.")


   This is sold at Williams-Sonoma.  It's the matreshka doll of cookery.  Here's a trademark.

Goods and Services (CANCELLED) IC 011. US 021. G & S: Electric Cookers for Domestic Use. FIRST USE: 19840911. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19840911
Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING
Serial Number 73505343
Filing Date October 24, 1984
Published for Opposition March 26, 1985
Registration Number 1339102
Registration Date June 4, 1985
Owner (REGISTRANT) Meyer Corporation, U.S. CORPORATION DELAWARE 4300 W. Brown Deer Rd. Milwaukee WISCONSIN 53223
Attorney of Record Allan B. Wheeler
Type of Mark TRADEMARK
Live/Dead Indicator DEAD
Cancellation Date November 22, 1991


   I'll throw in some snails at the end of this post.

 Display Ad 3 -- No Title; The Washington Post, Times Herald (1959-1973), Washington, D.C.; Mar 21, 1963; pg. A2, 1 pgs
("The Escargot pan (1.00), the Escargot tongs (1.69), the Escargot fork (.89)..." at the Old Georgia Coffee House.)

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