Windy City (7 October 1882)

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ACKNOWLEDGMENT:  I would like to thank the New York Public Library, for its wise decision to reduce hours and stay closed on Mondays, and for some how losing all of its U.S. Department of Agriculture publications and once again making this trip to the Library of Congress necessary.
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   Yep, it's earlier in the Cincinnati Enquirer.  But no matter what I find, always remember that "Windy City" was coined in 1893 during the World's Fair, just as the Chicago Historical Society says.

   7 October 1882, CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, pg. 2, col. 4:


_Remarked the Chicagos Yesterday_

_Ya-ha!  Yi Ki, Rip, Rah, Shouted the_
   _Cincinnatis In Return._

_As They Fled Around the Bases, Greatly to_
   _the Disgust of the Discomfited Leaguers._

_The Red-Legs--Rupped Goldsmith, the_
  _White Legs Didn't White--Magnifi-_
  _cent Fielding on Both Sides._

_We Will Try It Again To-day, and Will_
   _Perhaps be Generous to the Chaps_
   _From the Windy City--Per-_
   _haps Not._


   All talk that the triumph was secured through the generosity of the chaps from the Windy City is buncombe of the worst sort.


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