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Tue Apr 29 17:00:11 UTC 2003

Glorious news! Now every issue of American Speech, beginning with the very
first one in 1925, is available online - to members of the American Dialect
Society. There's lagniappe for your dues!

Duke U Press has just sent a letter to ADS members explaining how to access
all these issues. You begin by going to the American Speech web page:


Now the instructions given in the letter don't exactly match what you
actually have to do to get to the back issues. Maybe that will be changed,
but for now, here's what you do:

- Click on the link to Project Muse (which gives access to current issues)

- and then, on that page, click on "Back issues available on JSTOR." That
will take you to the JSTOR page, and just follow the instructions there.

Many university libraries provide access to Muse and JSTOR. The great
advantage for ADS members is that you can get personal access, regardless of
whether your library subscribes, regardless of where you are. For example, in
his travels around the world, Barry Popik can access the complete files of
American Speech through AOL. (He's probably doing it already.)

I have a shelf full of back issues of American Speech, inherited from my
predecessor as ADS executive secretary, going back to the 1950s. No, I'm not
ready to throw them in the trash yet. (Anybody have a need for them?) But
I'll be going online from now on. After all, the online versions are
completely searchable. What a great new age!

And if you aren't an ADS member? Go to our website


and click on "Become A Member" and on the page that brings up,
"You can become a member here"
and that will take you to the Duke U Page that makes you a member.

Some bargain!

- Allan Metcalf

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