Reuleaux polygon

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Wed Apr 30 18:37:52 UTC 2003

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> I first recall hearing of [Reuleaux polygons] in a story by Poul Anderson,

Poul Anderson "The Three-Cornered Wheel" which appeared in Analog Science
Fiction when that magazine was printed in "bedsheet format", which was March
1963 through April 1965.  I have no idea if it has ever been reprinted.  It
was very minor Anderson, being a typical Analog gimmick story.  Some
explorers needed to move something heavy (I forget what) but the autochthones
worshipped the circle as holy and therefore circular wheels were taboo.  So
the explorers pulled the expected rabbit out their helmets by using rollers
in the shape of  Reuleaux triangles.

My Analog collection is packed away in the attic so I can't look it up
anytime soon.

               - James A. Landau

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