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Wed Jan 15 01:02:25 UTC 2003

I doubt that 60+ New Englanders would be good authorities on the expression.
I am 58 and also remember it from my early college days(1962).

In "The F Word" by Jesse Sheidlower,
"Fucking A" was certainly in use in WWII.  But those "60+" NE'ders weren't
around in WWII to know that, were they?  They probably associate the two
because Flying A gasoline was so prevalent? in NE.

--Sam Clements

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Subject: F**king-A and on accident

 1.  At lunch today one of the group claimed that the expression "f**king-A"
 was a play on Flying-A gas stations, a New England chain--someone mentioned
 Tidewater Oil.  The two people we heard it from were 60+ New Englanders.
 Any insight from the group?

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