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From:    Laurence Horn <laurence.horn at YALE.EDU>
: At 7:13 AM -0500 11/2/03, Dave Wilton wrote:

: >I would dispute that. Most colleges and universities do indeed have a
: >word for their students and alumni, usually a variant on their athletic
: >mascot. A "Quaker" is from Penn, a "Trojan" from USC, a "Tiger" from
: >Princeton, and a "Pard" (Leopard) from my alma mater, Lafayette...


: I'm not sure I buy the mascot argument.  Quite often if not usually,
: students can't be called by the name of their colleges mascot, I'd
: wager.  A football or basketball player from Penn may be a Quaker,
: but are the students so designated?...

Here at the U of Central Florida, the students in general are most certainly
called "Knights" (the official mascot is a "Golden Knight") by everyone
involved--administration, students, to a lesser extent the local media. When
I was at Brigham Young U, BYU students were "Cougars" and U of Utah students
were "Utes", and those labels were widely vectored in the regional media as
well as being used within university contexts.

My experience as an undergrad at the U of Maryland College Park (we were
*all* "Terps", from "Terrapins") fits this, as well. I don't recall it being
as strong at UPenn, though IIRC you'd still read the designation used
generally in the campus newspaper.


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