James Parish jparish at SIUE.EDU
Wed Nov 5 18:18:05 UTC 2003

Patty Davies wrote:

> And I always thought it was 'dealiebobber' or 'dealybobber' and I thought
> it was still a current term, most always for the the 'fake antennas' on
> your head or sometimes when referring to an object that you don't have the
> name for or the description of it is too long .  And I assumed that this is
> where 'bobbleheads' came from.

I distinguish the two: "dealybobber" refers, as you say, to antennae on
springs or the like, and is (to the best of my knowledge) a relatively recent
term - I'd guess the late '70s or so. "Dealybob" I remember from much earlier
in my life - probably mid-to-late '60s - as a generic whatzit.

Jim Parish

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