question on pronunciation in Jespersen

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Thanks.  I hadn't thought of [I] for [i], which, of course, occurs in the US
South as well.  But then that suggests that Jespersen had [I] in the
post-sibilant plural suffix, which does seem strange, unless he was treating
[I], barred-i, and maybe even schwa as the same thing.  As he demonstrates
elsewhere in A Modern English Grammar, he was a pretty good phonetician, and
treating those as the same does seem odd.  I could see combining the first
two or the last two phonologically, but it would be unlike him to combine
all three.


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Yes, in conservative RP 'candid" and "candied" were reported as  the same by
someone in authority, I'm trying to remember who--Daniel Jones?  I remember
an undergraduate being confused by Claude Wise (who I believe was from
Louisiana) who stated in one of his books that the two vowels of "city" were
same (capital eye).

Dale Coye
The College of NJ

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