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On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Baker, John wrote:

>         It's also frequently "elephant in the living room."  From the
> Wall Street Journal, 4/11/85:
>         >>The concept sounds reasonable enough, so long as you
> manage to overlook the elephant in the room. The elephant is
> the treatment of capital losses.<<
>         It's seemingly from a book about alcoholism, which I've seen
> cited as Typpo, Marion H. and Jill M. Hastings, An Elephant in the
> Living Room. CompCare Publications, Minneapolis, MN, 1984.

The following is from the N.Y. Times, 20 June 1959, p. 19:

Financing schools has become a problem about equal to having an elephant
in the living room.  It's so big you just can't ignore it.

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