writer needed: language in New England history

Beverly Flanigan flanigan at OHIOU.EDU
Thu Nov 6 20:39:06 UTC 2003

As the writer of the Language section for the Midwest volume in this
series, I can testify to the huge amount of time and work involved.  The
guidelines are extensive; we are to include Native American groups in the
area and languages still extant, immigrant groups and their languages
(including cross-influence with English), dialect areas and notable
features--not just of lexicon (that's the easy part), but also of phonology
and syntax (they don't use these terms, of course, since the volumes are
for non-technical readers), as well as culture-based terms and
usages.  Finally, resources are to be listed (natch) and student/layperson
projects outlined.  So it's a big job!  My very detailed outline was
glowingly approved by the editors; hopefully, the drop-out New England
writer has left a similar outline.  I'd ask in one of your Linguistics

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>>Hello! This is a bit of an unusual question, but I thought you might be
>>able to offer some advice. Solomon is editing a book on New England Culture
>>(part of a series on regional cultures for Greenwood), and one of his
>>section authors has turned out to be unreliable. So he's trying to find a
>>replacement. I thought perhaps you might know somebody relevant? He's
>>looking for someone to write 15,000 words on Language as it appears in New
>>England history. The author gets a few hundred dollars and the opportunity
>>to appear in a major academic publication. :-) Could even be a grad student
>>if they're qualified. Unfortunately time is short b/c it only became clear
>>recently that the original author wasn't going to deliver. As I said, I
>>know it's a slight chance but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask... might
>>you be interested, or know anyone who would be?
>>If not, well, it's still a chance to say Hello. :-) Thanks for any help you
>>can offer, hope all is well on your side of the keyboard!
>>- Elka
>Frank Abate, are you there?

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