Antedating of "Back Door Man"

Jonathon Green slang at ABECEDARY.NET
Sun Nov 9 12:57:32 UTC 2003

Further Antedates

1. 1929 Lillian Glinn [song title] I’m a Front Door Woman With a Back Door

2. 1939 Blind Boy Fuller ‘I Crave My Pigmeat’ [lyrics] Ashes to ashes and
sand to sand / Show me a woman ain’t got a back door man

3. 1959 Hughes & Bontemps eds. The Book of Negro Folklore 395: You serves
beans to your husband, / Cooks chicken for your backdoor man

My take is as follows: 3. is unquestionably an adulterer. 2. is debatable,
but most likely an adulterer. 1. on purely _double entendre_ grounds may
well refer to anal intecourse, given that 'front door' means (and meant
since 19C) the vagina. That said, the blues, while sexually omnivorous,
seems on the whole to hymn adultery rather than sodomy. (All/any contrary
examples very welcome).

Jonathon Green

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