McJobs in M-W Collegiate Contested by McDonald's

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> On 11/8/2003 08:41 PM, Grant Barrett wrote the
> following:
> >Burger-maker McDonald's complains that "McJobs" is
> included in
> >Merriam-Webster's Collegiate.
> >
> >[From the article:]
> >McJOBS is trademarked and we've notified them that
> legally that's an issue
> >for us as well," Riker said.
> Wanna really make them regret making a fuss out of
> this?  Respect their
> trademark:
>          McJob (mek jäb') n. a low-paying job that
>          requires little skill and provides little
> opportunity
>          for advancement.  A registered trademark of
>          McDonald's, Inc.
> Cheers,
> Scott

No, add  "Popularised by Douglas Coupland's book
Generation X" & "McDonald's has used the federal
trademark "McJobs" for the past 20 years to describe
our important job placement program for persons with
physical and mental challenges."

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