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Good example!  As a native of the Big Easy, we can identify those not from New Orleans by pronunciation as well.  And not just that usual "N'Awlins" pronunciation you see in films and such-->those from there would NEVER say "New Or-lEEns."  Yet that is found in many song lyrics, most often to create the rhyme.

Speaking of, I have written a mammoth of a paper on the New Orleans working class dialect and have been trying to figure out where to attempt getting it published.  I know I should query American Speech and perhaps folklore journals, but does anyone else know of suggestions/CFP/conferences that are coming up?  You can email me off the list

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That was my first reaction as well. And it doesn't have to be
pronunciation either. Not two hours ago, someone posted to a
panix-internal newsgroup a news story from the SF Examiner in 1995
(Sept. 5, 1995, p. A1) detailing how some prison escapees from Utah
were apprehended in Berkeley; what aroused the suspicions of the
arresting officers was that they said "I'm from Frisco".

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