Pork Knockers & B-Flaps

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Sat Nov 15 21:17:30 UTC 2003

   Greetings again from Georgetown, Guyana.  I saw the famous Kaiteur Falls and spent a relaxing day at the Baganara resort.  If tomorrow's Sunday, it must be Suriname.
   The front page of the local newspaper has an abduction story.  The drug trade is also big here.  So there's a War on Bad Manners????  The criminals say, "Give me all your money, PLEASE"?  Drug dealers have to place the dinner fork and spoon in the correct way?

by United Women for Special Children
First Printing 26 Feb, 1999
Fourth Printing June 2003
286 pages, looseleaf
   Mostly American-type recipes.  Not even "tennis rolls" are here.  I'll look it over again when I get home.  WHAT'S COOKING IN GUYANA was sold by the bookstore just a day before.
Pg. 280:  Demerara sugar: Raw, brown sugar containing molasses in the crystals.
   (Taken from the name of the river here.  OED?--ed.)

PORK KNOCKER--A miner.  Guyana has gold and diamonds.  The miners bring pork in their knapsacks.

BUTTER-FLAP, or B-FLAP--Seen at a stand that also sells "tennis rolls."  It's another type of roll popular here.

CHINESE RESTAURANTS--Guyana is loaded with Chinese restaurants.  Suriname will have Indonesian food, and French Guiana will have French.  Guyana allowed the Chinese to come over, and they've opened restaurants.  It's more popular than KFC, if that's possible.  I don't know if there's a name for Guyana-Chinese cuisine, or if they have a General Tso.

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