"roach" = 'joint' butt--anything before 1938?

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Mon Nov 17 04:47:55 UTC 2003

Sam Clements wrote:

> So, does this qualify as the first "Mondegreen?"  :)

Probably a few centuries late for that.

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>>On Sun, Nov 16, 2003 at 07:04:49PM -0500, Sam Clements wrote:
>>>Yep.  The Meyer Berger story(which I haven't, but should have read).
>>>What did he screw up?
>>Among other things, the song "If you're a Viper" is playing in
>>the background, and he transcribes it partly as "Dreamed about
>>a reefer five feet long,/Mighty, immense, but not too strong,"
>>as opposed to the actual lyrics, "The mighty mezz, but not too
>>Jesse Sheidlower

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