rocks and stones

James Smith jsmithjamessmith at YAHOO.COM
Tue Nov 18 15:45:06 UTC 2003

Never heard the song but my guess is that, rather than
there being a cultural reason for the change, Dolly
prefers the the sound of "stones" over "rocks".

Certainly there must be an on-line discussion covering
of every nuance of Dolly's life and music.

--- Orin Hargraves <orinkh at CARR.ORG> wrote:
> Here’s something that’s been bugging me: Dolly
> Parton released a song in
> 1980, “Shattered Image,” with a recurring line,
> “shatter my image with the
> rocks you throw.” It is recorded in a new version on
> her relatively recent
> (2002) album  “Halos and Horns,” but the word
> “rocks” is systematically
> changed to “stones” throughout. What’s that about?
> “Rocks” is certainly the
> word I would have chosen in the context, but
> somewhere along the line I got
> a notion that “stones” would be the choice for an E
> coast or urban speaker.
> She has always touted rather than tried to disguise
> her bumpkin origins, so
> I wonder what the vocab makeover was about. Any
> ideas or inside info?
> Orin Hargraves
> (at one time neither E coast nor urban)

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