rocks and stones

sagehen sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM
Wed Nov 19 17:50:35 UTC 2003

>It is good that Michael agrees with me, but bad that he is a feature
>promulgater [+/- smooth] would do.
>dInIs (a friend of Occam)
>  (Dennis is right.  Stones are found in the streambed and are [+smooth].
>Rocks are found in the woods, along the road, ets. and are [+uneven} or
>{+sharp].   At least in East Tennesseee.
Once dInIs brought this out, I recognized it.  If I were asked to draw a
rock, it would be angular, whereas a stone would  be rounded.  This despite
the presence, twenty feet from my window, of a stonewall built of angular,
mostly limestone, rocks; and despite the undoubted sharpness of the stone
in my shoe!  There is also a cutoff point in size, rocks below fist size
become stones (until they reach pebbleness).
A. Murie

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