Shibbolize--a new word

Geoff Nathan an6993 at WAYNE.EDU
Thu Nov 20 14:44:03 UTC 2003

Further to our on-and-off meaning of the word 'shibboleth' I should note
that the Internet2 community is developing a schema for a common password
and directory structure that would allow member universities to share
permissions for access to certain kinds of things.  For example, it would
ultimately allow you in university X to access the on-line library
resources of university Y without needing anything more than the password
you use to access your home university's network.  The project is known as
the Shibboleth Project (information available at for the geekier among us)
In any case, working to make your home university's directory structure
comply with these standards is known as 'shibbolizing' it.  The earliest
Google-ized reference I found was February 2002.

Also interesting for those morphologically inclined is the fact that -eth
is a pseudo-suffix, apparently.


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