Foreign Accent Syndrome

Dan Goodman dsgood at VISI.COM
Thu Nov 20 22:49:31 UTC 2003

Barnhart wrote:
> See Barnhart Dictionary Companion _Foreign Accent Syndrome (Vol.
> 10.4: 1990 but perhaps as early as 1907) where _foreign-accent
> syndrome_ and _foreign accent syndrome_ and _acquired foreign accent
> syndrome_ and _FAS_ are all listed.

Sorry -- I should have said that what interests me is not the term, but
what it describes.  Have anyone knowledgeable about dialects listened to
one of these people?

> dsgood at writes:
>> Public Release: 18-Nov-2003 UCF clinic diagnoses rare Foreign
>> Accent Syndrome The Communicative Disorders Clinic at the
>> University of Central Florida has diagnosed a case of Foreign
>> Accent Syndrome, an extremely rare disorder linked to
>> stroke-related or other internal brain injuries that leaves
>> affected people with a foreign-sounding accent.

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