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   Greetings from Georgetown, Guyana.  If tomorrow's Saturday, it must be Trinidad.  I fly home on Tuesday...I'll try to visit the Guyana national library (right next to my hotel) early tomorrow.
   French Guiana (Davil's Island, Space Center) was impressive, but the mosquitoes just killed me.

CHANNA BOMB--Not like a "cherry bomb" (which looks like a cherry, but contains all artifical ingredients).  This is actually made of "channa" and gasoline.  Reports of a "channa bomb" attack made today's newspaper.  This happens frequently.  OED?

MALTA/SMALTA--A non-alcoholic drink.  The Banks brewery here makes Malta.  I'm told that Trinidad sells Smalta.  Who was first?  And why this name, and not Corsica/Scorsica?...Shmalta would probably be the Yiddish drink.


   For the record, the rejections continue.  No one helps--even to help themselves.
   New York City Mayor David Dinkins was "extremely busy," also.  One would think that's why mayors have staff.

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Dear Mr. Popik:

Your information on the evolution and origin of the term “The Big Apple” is quite interesting. However, currently we are unable to assist you as our office is extremely busy with various ongoing events.  I wish you luck in your research and programming and please do not hesitate to call if we can assist in any other way.


Sally Forman

City of New Orleans

1515 Poydras Street

New Orleans, LA  70112

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This February 18, 2004, will mark the 80th anniversary of the "Around the Big Apple" column where it was admitted for the first time that what would become New York City's nickname actually comes from New Orleans!  I'm trying to get both NYC and NO to honor the stablehands this Black History Month (they've still never been honored) by drafting "Big Apple Day" resolutions in both cities, by looking for any living witnesses, and by spreading the word in the local media.  Won't you call NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg?  Even he probably doesn't know this, which is why it must be done.  I dedicated "Big Apple Corner" in 1997 to "Around the Big Apple" sportswriter John J. Fitz Gerald, just as my parents were dying, but no one in NYC came.  Can you help to do it right this time and to honor your own citizens?

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