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Sun Nov 23 15:02:31 UTC 2003

   Greetings again from Trinidad.  My hotel did not served "doubles" for breakfast.  I was told that "doubles" is street food.
   Along with breakfast came the complimentary Sunday newspapers, filled with editorials and comments about Trinidad kidnappings (about 200 so far this year).  I might be kidnapped, but how much ransom you'd get on someone worth more dead than alive is anyone's guess.

BEEF WELLINGTON--Congratulations to Sam for finding this in 1930.  I hadn't re-checked Ancestry for "Beef Wellington."  I hate that guy.

CARIBBEAN FOOD AND NUTRITION INSTITUTE--The University of West Indies here has the CFNI; unfortunately, the University is not in town and is a long bus ride away.  I could go today, but Monday is probably better.  Google for the CFNI and see if there's anything you'd like me to look up.

NEATEN--22 November 2003, GUARDIAN, pg. 8, col. 1 photo caption:  A POLICEWOMAN monitors a Mucurapo Senior Comprehensive schoolgirl as she neatens her shoelaces.
   (Neaten her shoelaces?  Not tie?--ed.)

BADJOHNISM--23 November 2003, SUNDAY EXPRESS, pg. 12, col. 4:
_"Badjohns" who_
_spawned today's_
(...)  So this end-time violence we are witnessing is not something confined to Trinidad and Tobago.  And we are not the "kidnapping captial" of the world.  Whatever we may choose to think, and much of our thinking on the subject is coloured by politics, our crime wave is not isolated, or, in fact, alien, to this country.  I ended last week mentioning that "badjohnism" in places like Laventille is nothing new.

_Historic sex den_
   "It was a hotel-stroke-motel.  You could carry your woman up there," he said.
(...) (Col. 3--ed.)
   "Before that, it used to be a kind of boarding house," he said.  "After that it became a bawdyhouse."
(...) (Continued on pg. 11, col. 2--ed.)
   "The whole of _Guardian_ used to lime there.  That was the liming place."

   (The front page of the SUNDAY EXPRESS has a story of a young girl who was killed on her birthday "lime."  Lime?--ed.)

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