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On the ground references found in the Library of Congress:

Letters of Delegates to Congress: Volume 13 June 1, 1779 - September 30,
1779 --James Lovell to James Warren:

JULY 13, 1779

You will see by my Letter to Congress that by the [lOth?] of Augst. there
will be but few troops on the Ground unless reinforcements arrive, which I
have little reason to expect." I will not venture to write to you concerning
the State of our grand army. I will leave that for Major Rice to tell with
the Minute Anecdotes of the southern Department
With Esteem & Affection, Your hmb Servt. J.L.

The Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Sources,
1745-1799. John C. Fitzpatrick, Editor.
Head Quarters, Smith's Tavern, Tuesday, June 8, 1779.

Parole Middlesex. Countersigns Milan, Milford.

Returns of shoes actually wanted by the troops on this ground to be made
forthwith to Head Quarters.

Another reference was made to troops on the ground in The Stars and Stripes
(Paris, France), November 15, 1918, Vol. 1 No. 41, Page 8. The men on the
ground were called "doughboys" who had it much harder than the observers in
the planes above.


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