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Dave Wilton dave at WILTON.NET
Mon Nov 24 19:54:38 UTC 2003

Quoting "Kathleen E. Miller" <millerk at NYTIMES.COM>:

> Hello All,
> The editors at 43rd street are harping Safire to write to theme for the
> next deadline. It is the annual best ideas column outlining the best
> inventions of 2003. So we're looking for words - new and useful - that were
> coined etc. this year to write a little piece "to theme." Any ideas?
> Kathleen E. Miller
> Research Assistant to William Safire
> The New York Times

It's tough to get ones coined in 2003. You generally don't notice new words
until they've been around for a while. "Taikonaut" is a good one, it's been
around since 2000 at least.

On my website, someone suggested "ubritquitous", meaning the quality of seeing
images of Britney Spears everywhere you look.

Dave Wilton
dave at

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