Eid Cookbook; Passionate Mousse

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   Happy Thanksgiving...I spent yesterday with 91-year-old ADS-member David
Shulman.  It appears that he'd written 100 poems while I was gone.  Not merely
one Thanksgiving poem, but ONE HUNDRED POEMS.
   New York City, according to my 2003 Parking Rule Suspension Calendar,
celebrates Idul-Adha (February 11-13) and Idul-Fitr (December 5-7).  (It's always
interesting to hear someone from a different faith tell me about the Orthodox
Dormition of the Virgin Mary or about Shemini Atzereth.)
   Tuesday was a holiday in Trinidad, and I'd posted a Trinidad book about
East Indian recipes.  This cookbook--inserted into the Sunday newspapers--is
perhaps of interest to record this other ethnic cuisine

Sunday November 23, 2003
32 pages
Printed and Published by Trinidad Publishing Co Ltd, 22-24 St. Vincent
Street, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, West Indies

   True faith lies in the strength of the spirit and the rejuvenation of a
   Lion extends Greetings to the entire Muslim Community on the celebration
of Eid-ul-Fitr

Pg. 4:  Goolab Jamoon  ("Gulab Jamoon" has 998 Google hits--ed.)
Pg. 5:  Kurma
Pg. 6:  Fish Patties with Sweet Chilli Sauce
Pg. 7:  Very Dry Curried Beef
Pg. 8:  Tandoori Chicken
Pg. 9:  Chicken Peanut Curry
Pg. 10:  Coconut Cream
Pg. 11:  Rice and Peas
Pg. 12:  Ginger Crab Curry
Pg. 14:  Fried Eggplant with Onion
Pg. 15:  Spicy Vegetable Dhal
Pg. 16:  Curried Lamb and Vegetables
Pg. 17:  Massaman Chicken Curry
Pg. 18:  Stuffed Eggplant
Pg. 19:  LOTUS cooking oil ad shows Shark and Bake; Dhal; Phulorie; Stewed
Chicken; Chow Mein; Donuts--ed.
Pg. 20:  Spicy Rice
Pg. 21:  Crisp Curried Fish
Pg. 22:  Rhoriba with Almonds or Macaroons  ("Rhoriba" is not on Google?  The
ingredients are eggs, granulated sugar, yeast, lemon, almonds, semolina,
water of orange blossom, and icing sugar--ed.)
Pg. 23:  Chicken Curry
Pg. 24:  Seviyan  (Sweet Vermicelli.  Not in OED.  There are 527 Google
Pg. 25:  Cauliflower Potato with dry Curry
Pg. 26:  Aloo Tikki
Pg. 27:  Kofta
Pg. 28:  Vegetables Gujarati Style
Pg. 29:  Okra or Bhindi
Pg. 30:  Potato Parantha
Pg. 31:  Wheat Cereal Halwa



   My group had a "Passionate Mousse" dessert in French Guiana.  "Passionate
Mousse" doesn't show up on Google, but there are 92 hits for "Passion Mousse."
   Personally, after seeing the Caribbean and South America, there's not a
moose there I'd want to be romantically involved with.

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