Antedating of 'jarhead' 1931

Sam Clements sclements at NEO.RR.COM
Sat Nov 29 04:19:31 UTC 2003

OED doesn't seem to list 'jarhead' in any sense.  I could be wrong.

M-W uses only the derogatory  US 'Marine' meaning for the term(1943).

RHDAS is the authority, citing an Army mule from 1918, and then a 1933
useage as applying to a member of the US Army, especially a member of the
football team, which had a mule as a mascot.

>From the Reno(NV)Evening Gazette, September 17, 1931, p. 12, col. 1:

     <<However, the stars of the Army eleven have already begun to show
their wares.  The big gun of the Jarhead attack is Nodgie Ganuzzi, for the
last five years premier halfback on West Coast Army elevens.>>

Five years?  Give me a break!  Didn't they have ANY pride?

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