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   The LOS ANGELES TIMES should give us an early "hot dogging" in surfer slang, certainly better than the NEW YORK TIMES.  However, "hot dogging" doesn't appear in the LOS ANGELES TIMES through the end of 1950.  We'll have to wait a little longer for ProQuest to do its job.
   I looked in the full text SPORTING NEWS (many sports people were "hot dogging"), but 1970 is the earliest there.

THE NEW YORK TIMES, SUNDAY, AUGUST 28, 1966 International Suffers Bring New Zip to Elegant Old Biarritz
By GLORIA EMERSON Special to The New York Times. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Aug 28, 1966. p. 90 (1 page):
   "We all speak American: surfers do, y'know," said Stella de Rosnay.  Around her, men were discussing "hot dogging," the word for the complicated maneuvers done in small waves, "un bon take-off" and "toes on ze nose," a description of the position of the feet on the edge of the surf board.

   1 August 1932, HELENA INDEPENDENT (Helena, Montana), pg.5?, col. 7:
   Mr. and Mrs. Felix Taylor, operators of a taxicab service and the lunchroom on Main, near Sixth, acquired the minature golf course with all its tricks, when they purchased the hot dog factory and its equipment from Jeff Herbert.  About $2,500 had been expended in the course but they sensed the passing of the putting fad and decided to go hot dogging rather than golfing.

   26 July 1935, CHRONICLE-TELEGRAM (Elyria, Ohio), pg. 10, col. 2:
   Nowadays the New Dealers are stepping out.  Most publicized hot-dogging is their weekending at the exclusive Jefferson Island Club in Chesapeake Bay.

   19 June 1939, CHILICOTHE CONSTITUTION-TRIBUNE (Chilicothe, Missouri), pg.2, col. 2:
   When the President returned from hot-dogging with royalty, he looked at his desk, frowned at the "stacks of work" confronting him.
("Hot dogging with royalty" refers to eating hot dogs--ed.)

   12 December 1970, SPORTING NEWS, pg. 18, col. 3:
   Wright did his customary jitter step after catching a touchdown pass, which may have brought smiles to most of the living room viewers but apparently only frowns to some pro coaches.
   "Hot dogging is considered negative," said my scouting friend.


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