Pooch article

Arnold M. Zwicky zwicky at CSLI.STANFORD.EDU
Tue Sep 2 22:25:44 UTC 2003

On Tuesday, September 2, 2003, at 03:07 PM, Doug Wilson wrote:

>> 'Pooch,' he said, 'is Hindustani for dog. ....'
> I don't think so.

  nor do i, though it would be nice to hear from a hindi/urdu speaker.

the sanskrit root is /shun/ (where "sh" represents a palatal
fricative), cognate
with latin /kan/, as in "canis".

arnold, whose most beloved dog was a female named Shvani
   (literally 'bitch, female dog'), who overlapped the cats named Koshka
   (russian) and Kurniaou (estonian)

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